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My name is Daniel Gregorio and my preferred pronouns are he/him. I am Currently a student at Portland State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science along with a minor in Business Administration. Apart from coding, I enjoy playing puzzle games and first-person shooter games. Overall, I am excited to continue growing my skills in web development and contributing to meaningful projects in my future career.

Previous Work

Courses Taken

  • CS 161 Introduction to Programming and Problem-solving
  • CS 162 Intro to Computer Science
  • CS 163 Data Structures
  • CS 201 Computer Systems Prog
  • CS 202 Programming Systems
  • CS 250 Discrete Structures I
  • CS 251 Discrete Structures II
  • CS 300 Elements of Software Eng
  • CS 305 Soc/Eth/Leg Impl Computing
  • CS 311 Computational Structures
  • CS 320 Principles of Prog Lang
  • CS 333 Intro to Operating Systems
  • CS 350 Algorithms and Complexity
  • CS 430P Internet, Web, & Cloud Systems
  • CS 441 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 445 Machine Learning
  • CS 457 Functional Programming
  • CS 486 Intro to Database Systems
  • CS 469 Software Eng Capstone I
  • CS 470 Software Eng Capstone II


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